Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More U.S. Factory Workers are saying I Quit

Maria Jose Sorto
More U.S. Factory workers are saying I Quit

Just last month, around 157,000 workers quit their job at a manufacturing plant. This is the highest level in more than eight years and it demonstrates a shift in the market. Besides the manufacturing and mining sector it seems jobs are steady, however, there is a great gap between the number of openings in the manufacturing sector and the number of people that actually get hired. The gap between quits and layoffs in the manufacturing sector specially have deepened and although many “hiring” signs can be seen around the country, the number of people leaving their jobs continues to increase. People usually leave their jobs when they believe there is a better job or opportunity available for them and in recent years the number of voluntary departures has greatly increased. There has been more job openings than hiring in the past two years as the economy recovered. Having less hires than openings means that the market has become much more demanding and that workers need to be more prepared for the job now. However, this can be bad because if a large number of workers are not as prepared as they should be it might mean that unemployment rates for this group will rise.

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