Monday, December 5, 2016

Birthday at Burberry? Luxury Brands Add Personal Services

Name: Brittany Lopez
Title of Article: Birthday at Burberry? Luxury Brands Add Personal Services

Time published: November 30, 2016 at 6:35am ET 

Luxury brands are currently trying to revitalize their businesses by being more accessible (and accommodating) to their high profile consumers. Burberry is having its sales employees organize birthday parties, private dinners, and art-gallery visits for its high-spending clients (Chaudhuri). It is currently trying to strengthen its consumer relationships – particularly within its elite spending category – to boost sales and consumer loyalty. Burberry, however, is not the only one that is restructuring their consumer relationships – brands such as Gucci and Hugo Boss are also trying to garner more brand loyalty through elite services. Sales employees at Burberry now personalize the experience for the high – end shoppers by asking customers about favorite activities and, going a step further, ask if they can also book the excursion for them.

This is important because high-end shops typically set the trends for the rest of the world. Are Macy’s and Dillard’s going to hop on this type of personal shopping experience too? Burberry and the elite shopping groups are capturing a niche market that appeals to the big money spenders (and, thus, boosting their reputations and sales figures by doing so). They have realized that the consumer’s convenience and contentedness is of the utmost priority in order to make a sale an even larger sale. 

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