Tuesday, November 15, 2016

U.S. Workers to Lose in China Trade War

U.S. Workers to Lose in China Trade War

Some of Donald Trump’s strongest supporters would be hit if he makes good on tariff pledges 


UST Blogger: Erika Chew
WSJ Author:  

Finally!! The election drama, repulsive debates, and anxiety of who will lead the free world is over..... Or has is just begun? There is not secret as to how the new President Elect feels about China. In his first 100 days, he plans to make major changes into how the American economy works with China. The anxiety among Trump's non supporters suggest that his actions will further hurt and ruin the American economy and relations with China. 

"In fact, they’ll stand to lose twice. They’ve already endured stagnant incomes for decades amid withering trade competition from China. Mr. Trump’s threatened tariffs of 45% on all Chinese imports would hit their pocketbooks again by raising the price of pretty much everything on sale in Wal-Mart, from sneakers to microwave ovens."

If you believe the hype, they are suggesting that China will not be willing to pay the additional fee. Therefore WE as Americans will be footing the bill and paying double in sneaker costs. I just don't think this is accurate. I think China will pay the fee, because we  as Americans are still the number 1 buyers/consumers in the world!!!!! I am really interested to see what other scare tactics come out of this from now until he actually takes foot in office!! Give the guy a chance America, all of your predictions have been wrong thus far. Let's see what happens!!

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