Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Turkey Detains Editor, Staff at Opposition Newspaper

When gathering information about the culture of a country or specific area, it is incredibly important to not only have a feel for the product or marketing culture, but also for the political climate. The freedom of civilians and the freedom of the press can be key indicators on how a country manages its people and the way they communicate.

This week, Turkish authorities raided its main opposition newspaper and detained at least 13 staff members. This includes the Editor-in-Chief. This newspaper has won a variety of international journalism awards for its particularly hard-hitting exposé’s on the Turkish government. In the midst of this, a decree has also been made to allow security personnel to be present at and record all conversations between prisoners and their lawyers. 

Since the failed coup in July, Turkey has become one of the “world’s largest jailers of journalists,” which comes after the arrest or detainment of over 100 journalists and the disbandment of over 120 media outlets. All of these actions have been done in an effort to reduce supposed transmission of terrorist propaganda. Others, however, believe that this is a clear attack on the freedom of speech of Turkish media and civilians.

In a climate of political unrest and uncertainty, it can be incredibly difficult to manage markets. In addition, how, as a foreign company potentially with sales people or workers in that area, would you plan to manage your employees as these kinds of things are taking place.

By Margaret Coker
Updated Oct. 31, 2016 11:20 p.m. ET

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