Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Netflix, Amazon Take Divergent Paths to Reach Indian Audience

Netflix is relying on its global programming, while Amazon is betting on going local with its video streaming service
Updated Nov. 1, 2016 1:25 a.m. ET
As the US market matures, Netflix and Amazon have set their sights on expanding their video streaming service to the Indian market. Netflix is taking a global approach for expansion while Amazon is taking a local approach. Netflix has expanded their services to almost 200 countries and feels that it can use stored preference data to offer programs that appeal to an international market, thus saving money on local content. Amazon, on the other hand, is making a concerted effort to immerse itself in the Indian culture by visiting famous actors in their native land and attending “Bollywood” shows on set. This is so it can get a feel of what the Indian audience likes and pick appropriate programs. Amazon is also using the "hyperlocal" strategy as a way to entice Indian shoppers to use its e-commerce site. There are barriers to e-commerce that exist in India, such as the fact that not everyone has internet access and credit card usage is low. Netflix is targeting iPhone users that can afford to pay $8.00 a month in comparison to Indian cable TV, which costs around $3.00 a month. Amazon is targeting the mass market by charging a flat fee of $15.00 a year for prime users and video streaming. Netflix is currently offering its video streaming service to India’s elite but eventually plans to broaden the market segment.


  1. Interesting read. Very strategic move to immerse themselves into the culture of the nation to market their products. Looking forward to the global expansion of Netflix and Amazon into other countries too.

  2. I feel it's very interesting how divergent their approaches are -- I wonder which one will have the most success.