Monday, October 24, 2016

PayPal branching out

PayPal Gets Friendlier With Facebook

PayPal Holdings Inc. announced a deal Monday in which Facebook users can use it to make payments for some of the social network’s shopping features.

WSJ Author: Telis Demos
UST Blogger: Erika Chew

PayPal has  done it again, not only are you able to use their payment features in local stores now like Target, Walmart, Best-buy etc, Facebook (FB) now allows you to use PayPal features directly through messenger and FB socially advertised online stores. Many Financial institutions that partner with Visa and Mastercard services, fear the use of other competing payment institutions due to their accessibility, flexibility and attractiveness to universal users. PayPal is continuing to maximize its platform, the simple  fact that they are willing to work with a competitor proves their commitment towards staying and remaining relevant. Many people are starting to opt out of your standard Visa/MasterCard credit card  servicing agency for many reasons, and a major one is centered around the fact that PayPal credit and billing does not affect your credit score, nor is it reported or monitored as heavily as other institutional services. In other words, PayPal does not run a credit check when requesting and account or credit line, therefore its services are very appealing to international users, young adults, and families with low credit scores. 

In a snapshot, you can now buy clothing on FB, or request an Uber through FB messenger, and pay for it with your PayPal account, and if you should so happen to find yourself in a financial rut and can't pay for your monthly bill, you wont be penalized or harassed by PayPal. They give you 6 months, to pay off single purchases.

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