Saturday, October 15, 2016

Germany Sees Surge in Number of Refugees Receiving Benefits

Germany Sees Surge in Number of Refugees Receiving Benefits
Michelle Arreguin
Oct. 1, 2016 7:45 a.m. ET

In Berlin, Germany there has been a distribution of social security benefits to half a million refugees. In June the number of benefits given out doubled causing a problem for voters in Germany. They do not see this as necessary because they are starting to complain that they are not real German citizens that need to be receiving these benefits. The Federal Employment Agency reported that the number of refugees receiving benefits was 469,403. This was a 93% increase compared to last year. The ones primarily getting these benefits were Syrians and Iraqis. They were constantly rising by double or triple the amount. The Chancellor Angela Merkel had originally welcomed refugees with open arms but now was starting to question her decisions. She is currently trying to figure out a way to keep both the voters and refugees happy in Germany. She found that the reason for the high number in June was due to the process that was approving the refugees for benefits. They would be approved months after their arrival after going through the bureaucratic process to ensure they were eligible to stay in the country. All of them were being approved in June causing the number to be incredibly high. Once approved they had to find jobs but this was made difficult since they did not speak the language and lacked the skill. Companies are currently trying to train them but some are unsure whether the refugees are worth wasting their time since they are not certain these people will stay in Germany. This article affects Germany because of who is hired and what they are trained to do. If it is a global business office, then this affects them internationally based on the people dealt with. This article caught my attention because it shows how Germany’s good dead can turn into something not expected. They were trying to help a few refugees creating a home for millions and millions of them without expecting it.

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  1. It's very interesting to see how good deeds can sometimes have second and third orders of effect unintentionally. I do not believe that Germany had a goon idea of the culture and resettlement ramifications that would arise once taking in the refugees. Many Germans who welcomed the refugees saw it as a temporary solution and welcomed the refugees, due to their socialistic society. Now, when I watch BBC or read articles, I get a since that they regret their choice. Many of the refugees posses no skill set that can be advantageous to their economy nor do the majority speak English let alone Dutch. Tough decisions a leader must make, was it the right decision?