Monday, October 24, 2016

China’s Internet Child-Safety Policies Could Force Changes at Tech Firms

China’s Internet Child-Safety Policies Could Force Changes at Tech Firms
Michelle Arreguin
Oct. 12, 2016 1:20 p.m. ET

China is currently working on creating the Great Firewall. They are being extremely selective on what is allowed on the internet and what is not.  These is not the first time they become so selective. In 2009 is when they first decided that all personal computers included a software known as the Green Dam. However, that was shut down due to privacy violations. Now they are trying to reinstall the software but be stricter on what is even being able to look at. China is using the excuse that parents need to protect their children from what can be found on the internet. They believe if they get parents on their side it will be much easier to band certain sites. The following is what they are trying to promote, 2016: Draft Child-Protection Rules: Would require smartphones and other computing devices to be pre-installed with child-proof censorship software or to make installation easy. Minors must be blocked from online games after midnight, and websites must warn of objectionable content. Baidu Inc., China’s leading search engine, is 100% behind this and they agree that “unhealthy information” needs to be prohibited from their country. China does not realize the harm that they are doing to the people if they do this. They are shutting out important information and it almost seems if they are hiding outside information. They are so particular on who sees what and how things must be done. This is not going to work and people will rebel just like it happened in 2009. Children will find a way to break the firewall just like it has been done in the past. This will affect not only China but other countries that use the internet to advertise and promote to their market. It will become a world-wide problem if it is not shut down.

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  1. I may get a lot of flack from saying this, but I totally agree with what China is doing. Yes there can be issues when it come to censorship later down the road, but there is just too many perverted things, that are easily accessible to children and young influential teenagers. Even regular TV shows and commercials in my opinion are a little too much for me to take. Sex sells in our economy, but I applaud Countries that say enough is enough. I am sure people will try to spin what they are doing as something severely wrong, but this American agrees.