Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bro Media’s British Invasion - Analysis By Agoglia

Bro Media’s British Invasion
Analysis by Franco Agoglia
Original article published: Oct. 26, 2016 3:30 a.m. ET

The Lad Bible’s Facebook page.

Lad Bible and Unilad are UK based young male-centric, or Bro-centric, media companies that operate primarily though Facebook. Their success in the recent years have peaked the interest of more traditional male media companies such as GQ and Esquire.

These two Bro-centric media companies are about to make the move to the United States in an attempt to solidify their presence in the country. As stated in the article they already have a substantial following in the US. Therefore their move to have an office in the United States will allow them to not only be close to the customer, but also employ local American that will be able to better tailor their content to meet the American market.

GQ and Esquire are keeping a close eye on this new segment in the male media market. However Michael Mraz, director of content at Esquire believes that Lad Bible and Unilad are not really competitors, because they appeal only to the bros and he believes that Esquire is a premium brand product. In my opinion I find this perspective to be shortsighted. Instead of taking this newly realized segment to expand their brand, they seem to want to ignore it. However it been evident with other brands such as Business Insider, who have adopted different personas between their online and published presence.

In the case of Business Insider they have adopted an almost Buzz Feedish persona online though social media, while still having their traditional business analysis that they had in more traditional publishing. If GQ and Esquire take a similar approach as Business Insider they will be able to capitalize in this new segment.

In the case of Unilad and Lad Bible their decision to create a new channel of providing content that better suit their American market by being close to the action and bringing in Americans to work alongside their British operations.

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