Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Russia Communists Rebrand to Lure Youth

Russia Communists Rebrand to Lure Youth
Party promotes images of old figures in modern context as parliament vote looms
WSJ: by James Marson

Blogger: ERIKA CHEW, MBA 5355

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is giving (clockwise from top) Lenin, Marx and Stalin a makeover ahead of parliamentary elections on Sept. 18. A young Lenin stands in front of the Winter Palace with the words "Shall We Take It?"; a leather-clad Marx promises his return; while a vaping Stalin commands "Transform yourselves, comrades!"PHOTOS: IGOR PETRYGIN-RODIONOV(3)

With the U.S. Election beginning in just 55 days, Candidates are holding nothing back when it comes to trying to win the populace vote. Until now, I have wondered about what certain strategies and tactics Candidates abroad resort to in order to come out the victor. As I, sit here and glaze over this article, I can quickly point out the four Ps of marketing in relation to their Agenda.

PRODUCT: The Communist party is trying to ruffle the feathers of the dominated United Russia party (PUTIN). They know they will not win this election, but the mere idea of gaining more votes in order to place pressure on President Putin’s governmental dominance, is worth their time and efforts. The Communist is currently trying to get Putin to change the country’s economic course by increasing state spending and control and canceling any possible overhauls like privatization.

PRICE: The people need to make a choice, do they sit on their vote and continue to do nothing and let the United Russia party remain the dominate and unchallenged leading governance, OR do they throw their vote away by voting for the other parties just to see possible policy changes.

PROMOTION: The Communist party is using creative modern marketing in order to appeal to young voters by rejuvenating its image. “ We need to speak in the language that the modern voter understands, to reflect the times we live in”-Igor Petrygin-Rodionov, artist behind the images above.

PLACE: They are targeting areas that youths frequent, City Centres, public transportation, shopping areas, Magazines.

All, in all, it is always very interesting to see what other countries resort to when it comes to gaining the populace vote. I thought this article was very interesting and relevant to our current political event and global marketing.


  1. Thought provoking article and good assessment! Brilliant makeover and rebranding strategy for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation--using marketing and advertising as a form of propaganda, if you will. Propaganda is much like advertising (which is included in the marketing plan) but distinctly differs from advertising as there is no sale of a product or service but a visual campaign to alter public attitudes--in this case, the youth of Russia, and influence a change in their previous notions of a system. It is actually one of the most powerful tools used in politics to influence public opinion. It will be interesting to see how this unique marketing strategy continues to unfold. Ally M.

  2. Erica, you've posted some insightful commentary here about a very interesting topic. It's particularly interesting how you intertwined the 4P's in relation to the main points in this article. Promoting the Communist party brand by rejuvenating their image is a clever tactic. As you've said, United Russia has been the predominant force in Russian politics for quite some time. I'm interested to see what kind of response United Russia has to this marketing campaign and what their gains will be for the upcoming election.