Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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Wall Street Journal – “India and Google”

Topics discussed in this article as it relates to international management are as follows;

1.       Initiative – using the SRC criteria in chapter 8 – which focuses on understanding local markets and creating realistic objectives – I believe Google has done a great job- do you agree?

2.       Geo Political Realities – the unwillingness to bend core values – Google has exited the Chinese market. The understanding of political factors and being principled and creative and flexible is a great testimony to the business acumen of Google.

3.       India’s needs – identifying specifics in the market of India- spotty wi-fi services, customer incomes, download cost, and potential long term benefits, makes Google text book perfect.

4.       Joint Government and Google venture is genius - by partnering with the Government – Google has increased the stakeholders in the enterprise, has created good will, will have an unparalleled understanding of the market, and have access to the power of government.

5.       Understanding economics- GDP – the GDP per capita of India is $1,500 (compared to US $ 56 or China $ 8 ). Knowing the economic limitations and creating a plan that is accommodating to limited a society that is income limited- Google may find a marketing strategy that will be applicable to 50% of the world.

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