Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hey, Check Out My New Phone! It Does Nothing.

Michelle Arreguin
Sept. 20, 2016 10:23 a.m. ET

In Canada there has been a new phone that has changed the electronic game completely. Chris Sheldon and Van Gould realized how many people were rushing to order the iPhone 7 that they came up with a new cell phone named “NoPhone”. The NoPhone is a plastic rectangle that looks like a cell phone but it is completely made up of air. There is nothing in it just the simulation as if it was an iPhone. They realized that people are being taken over by technology. Everyone is too busy on their phones to even be able to hold a 5-minute conversation with their peers. There has been artist that noticed this movement as well. Kanye West is currently twitting on how phones need to be put down. Brett Kline made a video going around cutting cellphones in half to show he supports the NoPhone as well. Sheldon and Gould began a summer camp to prove their point on how cell phones were making others anti-social. The summer camp consisted of going out into Ottawa for 2 hours with no cellphone reception and no electronic devices allowed. The activities of the camp consisted of actually having to have social interactions with people and go around the camp and ask for directions instead of using Google Maps. The participants of the camp said this is probably the most interaction they had received since they were young children. It is ridiculous how much technology has truly taken over our day to day activities. We could be with a person and texting another. Everyday meals do not consist of face to face interaction instead people eat as they text, surf the web, or watch Netflix. This is truly affection everyone international due to the fact that people are losing their communication skills. A person cannot begin or complete a business contract if you do not talk to others. In order for the world to start understanding one another we must talk to each other. A text will not suffice in the business world. The NoPhone is showing people how to live without an actual cellphone but giving the comfort they are used to having. This phone has even caused people to go back to flip phones so that people can just receive and make phone calls. If the technology continues it is more likely that younger generations will not know what communication skills consist of. 


  1. The whole invention sounds ridiculous at first but it definitely has a message for all of us. It is sad to see that social, face-to-face interaction has definitely taken a turn for the worse since smart phones appeared. I sometimes analyze people around me when i go out and its scary to see how people are constantly checking their phones and not even acknowledging one another. This is definitely a problem within society that is getting worst and worst every day. I wish we could take it back to the old times when our lives were a lot simpler and didn’t completely revolve around our technological devices.

  2. The amount of cell phone usage in developed countries reflects their culture of high individualism. In the US, we are used to being connected and available 24 hours of the day. This has led to decreased attentiveness with personal relationships and I do not think the extent of this has been realized. It is when we travel to countries that are low in individualism and require a need for relationship building, in order to gain trust, that we notice how much of our lives are influenced by our need to be connected. For instance, in Cuba, it is impossible to be constantly connected to the internet. On our study abroad trip, we were forced to interact with one another solely. It was a little bit of a shock but we adjusted well. It made our trip more enriching as we were open to absorb everything that was happening. Constant connectively is now engrained in our culture. When we travel abroad, we must take into consideration our self-reference criterion, and realize that not all cultures have a need to be connected.