Wednesday, September 14, 2016

GM's Bolt to Give Tesla a Mileage Jolt --- Mileage of coming affordable electric vehicle throws down gauntlet for Tesla

General motors has announced that is will be coming out with a new vehicle in 2017 that will surpass any other electric vehicle on the market today and range around 238 miles per charge. Currently Tesla holds the market for the most miles driven with a charge with their Model S sedan starting around $90k. GMs new Chevy Bolt will range somewhere around $30k, 1/3 the price of Tesla. Tesla is also trying to come up with their more affordable electric vehicle to compete with the Chevy Bolt. GM is still struggling with their marketing efforts to help promote the Volt where as Tesla already has around 400,000 put down deposits for their affordable Model 3.

I chose this article since Houston is the center of the oil industry here in the US and the price of oil has been down globally. With more and more electric vehicles coming out at more affordable prices what impact will this have on future gas prices? Now that electrical cars are becoming more affordable will people be more inclined to purchase these vehicles?

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