Monday, September 19, 2016

Foreign Film Industry Influences U.S. Filmmakers

                                                              Zachary Perret
                                                                                                                          MBA 5355

                  Foreign Film Industry Influences  
        U.S. Filmmakers

Based on:” Why India Is One of the Five Fastest-Growing Markets for Movies” by Eric Schwartzel, Wall Street Journal, September 19, 2016 9:31 a.m. IST

 “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is one of many U.S. films in recent years to have made more money overseas than in North America.

            Movies in the U.S. have been stagnant in comparison to large international markets like China and India, and that is “changing the way movies get made in Hollywood, as studios focus on big-tent productions like superhero epics that play across borders, or find story lines they know will fly in censorious countries” (Schwartzel). This is a global marketing issue because it shows how the increase in an industry overseas influences domestic producers that want their products to be consumed globally, and it affects the product that is received in the U.S. market. Therefore, the interests of U.S. consumers are taking somewhat of a “back seat” to the tastes and preferences of international consumers- especially those with an immense population and a thriving movie market like China and India.
            India’s extremely successful film market, characterized by lots of Bollywood movies, is growing not only due to their large population and successful cultural niche, but also due to the emergence of digital distribution (Schwartzel).  It is interesting that India’s rapidly growing industry based on their culture and technology is influencing the way United States filmmakers are approaching movies because it seems the genre has less to do with the success in some of these countries like India. It is too early to tell if these adaptions will in fact cause filmmakers to be more successful by capturing more of the U.S. market or if the emphasis on themes and genres that appeal to foreign audiences will backfire by affecting U.S. sales.

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