Wednesday, September 28, 2016

  Questions we should know as MBA graduates.

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5 Questions an MBA should know after reading this article.

Q-1 What is Brexit?

Answer- Brexit is Britain Exits from the EU. The vote was 52:48. The reason? Yes economics. Maybe they will rejoin.

Q-2 Turkish Coup of 2016- What is the deal?

Answer- Turkey blames the US for being behind the coup. Turkey is a member of NATO and wants to be in the EU. Also Turkey is a  majority Moslem state and an ally of the US against terror. Potential to be messy.

Q-3 What is an Emerging Markets?

Answer - There are 23 emerging markets. They are characterized as national economies that are developing the infrastructure, the markets, the laws and policies to become fully integrated into the global markets. 

Q-4 Why are people talking about Emerging markets?

Answer- investors want returns. The greater the returns the greater the risk. Economics 101.

Q-5 Global Sovereign Bond Index means?

Answer- Lets break it down, Global check, Sovereign – is a term of origination and refers to a specific country. Bond is a sophisticated financial instrument designed to return specific returns over periods of time. Index- this is where the good stuff is- an index is a grouping- the genius of the concept is ……….

Look Canada has a 10 year bond that returns 1.34% - Brazil 10 year bond returns 12.84%- they are both guaranteed by their respective government –  The greatest the return at the lowest risk – is the idea behind indexes.

Writing this article helped me- Thank you. Did you learn something new?

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