Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg Promotes Facebook Growth in India

Jonathan Evans

Oct. 27, 2015 11:20 a.m. ET

While shut out of China, Mark Zuckerberg has chosen India as the source for future growth for Facebook. In the past year, he has visited India twice and met with its prime minister, Narendra Modi, when launching a free internet initiative. Zuckerburg goal currently is to connect more people in the developing world and what better place to start than in India with a population of 1.2 billion people. Facebook has met much resistance in China since they do not let their citizens have access to the website along with other popular U.S. sites like Twitter, Google, and YouTube. Many expect India to have more Facebook Users than the US in the next few years. Many companies are investing heavily in the Indian market like Amazon who has invested billions in the Indian Market, Uber who believes it’s the 2nd largest market behind the U.S. in terms of cities served, and Google who have already begun to invest in online real estate startups and health care booking platform. The article expresses how there is still much growth to happen in India due to over 1 billion people still not having access to the internet. This is primarily the reason why in 2013, Facebook launched the the efforts called internet.org to bring free internet access to users in the developing world. Even though met with much opposition of violations of net neutrality and the over stepping of web providers, Zuckerburg stands strong on his decision and spoke at Tsinghua University, in mandarin, about how his main goal is to connect as many people as he possibly can. The article ended with a quote of Zuckerburg from his trip to the Taj Mahal saying that,” I’ve always wanted to see this. It is incredible what people can build.” I had a lot of interest in this topic one because I’m a big fan of social media, Facebook being one of my favorite and two, India is country that we have decided to do business in. This article had much relevance to the class because of the research done on India in order to bring a new product into their market. Also when marketing internationally, one must know the different ways to market to customers in different countries. This article has many applications to other businesses because Facebook also gives businesses the opportunity to market their product to new customers, making it the prefect application for new businesses. It also gives businesses in India the opportunity to market their products to people outside of India, giving them access to more networks and the opportunity to grow their business more rapidly. This article relates to Chapter 11 in the International Marketing Textbook when it talks about the emergence of the Indian Economy. Also in Chapter 16, the textbook talks about the tactical considerations in social media when entering into new markets. In all, this article showed how important Facebook is to marketing products and business because of the mission it is on to connect as many people as possible and as internet access continues to arise, so will the popularity of social media and Facebook.

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  1. Cool article! From my time in India i know that its a country on the verge of significant economic growth. The mission Zuckerberg is taking on to connect more of the developing world thru facebook is a great thing. Clearly Zuckerberg is embracing the culture of India and showing great respect for the people and their history. This is an excellent marketing approach as it will help accelerate local acceptance of his product and drive usage.