Tuesday, December 8, 2015

India’s Economic Growth Accelerates

Jonathan Evans

Nov. 30, 2015 8:47 a.m. ET

The article begins by talking about how India’s economy continues to expand rapidly as strong growth in manufacturing has helped its economy pull ahead of China as the worlds fastest growing economy. In the last quarter, the economy has growth 7.4%. while many other emerging markets have struggled this year, India has stood out. Lost of the credit has been given to recently elected Pirme minister, Narendra Modi, who has encouraged easier transition of business in India. The plan has worked out so far and experts say that the future growth is dependent on the continuing improvement of the business environment. The country is also rapidly improving its infrastructure as its expected to increase the total length of the highway network by 50% before 2020.  The article ends by talking about how an economic storm is coming for many emerging economies but because of the solid growth and optimism of India and its leaders, many economists believe that they should weather the storm and even continue to see growth in the coming quarter. I have interest in this topic because of its significance to the growth of India, the country we decided to introduce our product to. It is relevant to the class because this article shows how much growth India has gone through recently and where is is headed as other economies struggle right now. This article shows the application to other businesses because as the economy improves, it opens up opportunities for all new business. I believe that this will fit into this class because of a couple of reason. One chapter 11 talks about the growth of India and where it has come from as a country. Secondly, Chapter 4 talks about a few of the social institutions that can shaped the origins of culture. In this case, the government is the main one that is shaping this new and improve culture as it continues to focus on new business opportunities in the country for all foreign countries. Not only are companies that come into India changing the way they are doing business there but they are adjusting to their values and rituals in order to have as much success as possible. In all, India economies is showing that it is one the right path to becoming one of the top economies in all of Asia, not to mention if it continues on the path its on, in the world.

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