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What Celebrities Can Teach Companies About Social Media

Time Published: October 14, 2015

This article is basically speaking on the fact that many big companies in Corporate America can learn a lot of celebrities when it comes to marketing themselves on social media. It goes over a few of the lessons that companies should implement in their new marketing strategies on social media. The first lesson is that every platform is different so you should adjust your postings to fit the platform. The article speaks about Rihanna and how she markets herself on different platforms. For instance, on Instagram, she focuses more on her glamour shot type photos but on Snapchat, you get a real idea of her raw, normal everyday life. The Second lesson is not to disappear. This means that post should come often so that followers can know what you are up too. The article speaks on how Kim Kardashian West post just about 2 post a day on her Instagram page. She has over 3,000 post on her page. The average brand posted on 38 times in September 2015. The people want to see more of the brands that like so for companies to stay relevant, don’t disappear. The third lesson is to keep tabs on your followers. The big lesson here is to validate your followers with likes, comments, retweets, etc. It brings goodwill to the brand to know that you care and customers take notice to it. The fourth lesson is to not be overly promotional. The article speaks about actors Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and how they use their Facebook account to reach 95 million for Diesel and 52 million for Johnson.  Even though they both use Facebook to promote their movies, they also share personal stories. Its not just about making money or getting people to go see something, its about making a connection with fans. The fifth lesson is for companies to craft a narrative. The article states how Beyoncé released an album with a 10 second video on Instagram and a 4-minute video on Facebook. Many celebrities use their social media platforms to tell a story, and the best thing is that it’s the story they want to tell. When Beyoncé goes thru any type of controversy, she goes straight to fans through her Instagram on Facebook account. When rumors come up, she can address them directly. It is no doubt that social media is changing the way of traditional marketing ideas, for big companies to not get left behind, they will need to adapt quickly to add these lessons and help reach their customers in the best way possible.

My interest in this topic came a few months ago when I was watching one of my favorite comedian’s, Kevin Hart, do an interview and speak about how marketing has change for him due to social media. Kevin Hart has just under 25 million followers on Instagram and what he was saying in the interview was that he is blessed to be so popular in this generation because he can bypass a lot of the things that held other comedians back because of Social Media. In the old days, in order to market your talent, you had to go to a particular person or agency and basically jump thru hoops just to be noticed. Now anyone with a cellphone can become famous because they have direct connection to the fans. He spoke about how he can go directly to a movie director and because he has such a huge following, he can negotiate very differently and make things work a lot more in his favor. The power is in his hands and that’s what social media has allowed everyone. The opportunity to show off your talents to the world for no charge. This is huge to this class because not only is this a marketing course but social media is not just an American thing but an international thing that allows people to reach thousands all at once all around the globe. And the cool thing is that it can be applied to any business, as long as it is done correctly. Chapter 16 speaks on the topic of social media and how it can be a powerful marketing tool and shows how the amount of time the people spend on social media all over the world is massive and an excellent opportunity to reach customers. In closing, with the amount of people watching television decreasing due to streaming applications and commercial ads becoming less powerful, I believe that social media will be the best way to reach customers in the future for small business owners and for large business owners. But to be successful, there is a particular way to do it so that people can enjoy what you are saying and connect with the vision rather than irritate viewers. 

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  1. This article hits the nail on the head. I have been saying this to friends over the years. There's nothing quite like trying to gather more information about a company and they have little to no social media presence.

    Many brands have started to partner with social media influencers to expose their brand. These influencers can be anyone with over 5,000 followers on any social media platform. One sneaky thing about this brand of advertisement is because it is so new, there are not very many rules on disclosure. So a viewer or follower can never really know if the opinion of the person pushing the product is their own. I can't wait to see how this evolves in the future. Good job!