Friday, November 20, 2015

Effects after Paris attacks

WSJ article: 

Last week another terrible event has shaken our lives, even if we are thousands of miles away from Paris. A series of unexpected terrorist attacks have beaten the French capital, killing and hurting many innocent lives. In the moments after the attacks we felt unsafe around the Western part of the globe.

The effects after the terrorist attacks showed again how vulnerable can a nation and their citizens be in a World that is more and more interconnected. One consequence in the market has been the depreciation of the Euro against the dollar. Not only it is a concern  the exchange rate of the European currency but the effects on the fragile economy.

As our textbook in Chapter 6 explains political environment can be a critical concern for global business. Therefore we must pay attention which are the next step that Western countries are going to take. We do not have to forget that violence is a risk for companies that would like to go global, it is a risk that must be assessed while planning their business.

The problem, after Paris attacks, surges whether violence is not more confined to one single country. But instead it is used to terrified us. Nevertheless, we must be confident that we are again going to feel that violence and hatred will be away from hour home. 


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  1. Good article review!

    I was actually thinking of going to France next year. After hearing about all of these attacks, I've reconsidered not going. However, my sister is still going and does not want to get a refund. Scary news.

    Who knows where the next attack will be...