Thursday, October 15, 2015

Blazing a Trail in Chicago

“Blazing a Trail in Chicago” by Matt Villano
In June of this year, Chicago opened a scenic and convenient mode of tourism in its northwest corner.  The Bloomingdale Trail is an elevated viaduct and trail converted from a closed rail system that is most commonly utilized for cycling, running, mothers pushing strollers, romantic date nights, and tourists frequently the downtown area that do not want to stray too far away from their hotel.  The trail is comparable to Houston’s Buffalo Bayou Promenade with actual vendors and businesses to frequent for shopping, food, and cocktails and in decent proximity to a downtown hotel.  The Bloomingdale Trail contains two levels. The upper level is a mode of leisurely transportation through historic neighborhoods. The lower levels consists of merchants.

Bloomingdale Trail united previously disconnected areas of northwest Chicago.  It showcases each of the four neighborhood’s unique personality. Easily accessible from downtown Chicago, the lower level of the biking trail contains all things from high end goods to off the beaten path “mom and pop” shops.  Bloomingdale Trail will draw a diverse and eclectic crowd year round.  The area is growing with ethnic enclaves such as immigrants from Costa Rica.  The area has experienced gentrification due to young professionals relocating to the hip and trendy area of Logan Square where the popular pubs and bars are located.

Irazu, a Costa Rican restaurant at 1865 N. Milwaukee Ave.

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