Friday, September 25, 2015

Volkswagen-gate: an opportunity 

This week we acknowledged that a well-known German automobile firm, Volkswagen, used a manipulating software to avoid the high polluting levels of its cars during emission tests. Consequently, after the scandal its Chief Executive has been rapidly replaced. The main issue for VW manufacturer is going to be to gain back the trust from consumers, but only from them. Other institutions involved such as the European Commission are at the center of attention as they are asked whether the European officers knew about irregularities during the tests.

Nevertheless, what must be of concern to Volkswagen’s directives is what the public opinion actually thinks about the brand and if VW eco-friendly marketing strategy is going to last. To restore the trust and the customer’s perception a well-designed marketing plan will be needed.

May be this scandal can be also seen as an opportunity to develop a different type of energy to fuel automobiles. Fortunately, this crisis hitting the diesel sector can have a higher impact - not only in the way of doing business without breaking the law. The low price of the oil and this last episodes can be the perfect storm to start changing the energy paradigm. 


  1. Nice review. I like your suggestion on using a different type of energy to fuel vehicles.

  2. I also heard that Volkswagen is increasing their promotions. Buy 2 for 1? DEAL.