Friday, September 25, 2015

To Stay Or To Go?

The author expresses views that cater to Apple's disciples but also opens a can of worms on whether an individual should remain a loyalist or explore other options. In recent reports by Kantar World Panel ( Apple although picking up some momentum in European countries on market shares Android still dominates a majority of those regions and the world market. As a customer who has experienced the best of both worlds ( Apple & Android), there are many features that cater to me on both platforms. As a pawn utilized by both of these competitors, phone company's release  a new mobile operating system every year, with a strategy that welcomes acquisition hardware (phone). This in some manner develops a controlled customer where behavior  is studied and expectations are met. Each Fall religiously the masses rush to download the latest and greatest versions of iOS, which is strategically released around the same time new hardware (phone) is released, which works best on that new hardware.  This affects the customer in a manner that his/ her device may become slow and finicky. To have it operational, we take that trip to our cell phone provider for an upgrade or  are left to struggle with our challenged technological device.

This strategy has worked well for Apple, but many other customers are complaining about the sluggish phones that seem to be a burden for them. To be on that platform Apple not only persuades the customer to get new hardware (phone) but App developers have to jump aboard of get left behind. Developers are encouraged to target the latest version of iOS. The race to be competitive and a leader in your industry in my opinion is what drives Apple to keep pushing the technological envelope. In this arena, you are faced with a choice of "Do I create an operating system that works with older devices or do I create one of a kind operating system that take advantage of the latest hardware?"  In business, you want to keep that forward momentum in all possible avenues that encompasses your business model, it is not in Apples best interest to remain stagnant by indulging into ventures or markets that does not promote global objectives.

Although customers are faced with the question " to stay or to go?" As you can see companies are faced with the same dilemma whether it pertains to domestic markets or international markets. The nature in which the consumers loyalty in my opinion is evaluated is whether or not that product offered can produce value to that consumer. One thing Apple has relied on is a constant focus on the 4P's of marketing (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion). The nature to stick to this strategy and also understand world markets will promote the Apple brand globally.

Why We Keep Buying Each New Iphone by: Geoffrey A. Fowler  Sept 23, 2015 WSJ. 

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  1. Interesting! I was recently one of those "should I stay or go" customers.