Friday, December 13, 2013

Middle Eastern Carriers Jointly Sealed $100 Billion in Boeing Deals

In a bid to reach a global market, many global firms enter into agreements with their global partners to penetrate a wide market. Emirates and Qatar Airlines are not left behind. They have entered into $100 billion deal with Boeing on the same. This joint deal between Qatar and Emirates Airlines is to ensure that they share price information to obtain better supplies of jets from Boeing. This is to make them push for better terms and get new planes that meet their performance specification. This joint agreement ensures that Qatar airways and Emirates airways negotiate jointly on the 777X order and since then Emirates has ordered 150 777X jets and Qatar has ordered 50 jets which are to be delivered by around 2020. This agreement has since been criticized by Delta Air lines. DAL claims that it has given Middle East other overseas carriers undue advantage. According to Boeing Chief Executive, Jim McNerney, at some point in time it would be possible for Boeing to construct Commercial jets outside the U.S., however, at the moment Boeing outsources some of its components overseas.

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  1. this deal with Emirates and Qatar Airlines seems to be a great partnership globally. It will only expand on the great quality that Emirates has and hopefully that quality will come to the US. Delta could sure use an increased in quality :)