Sunday, December 1, 2013

Is Twitter really helping Small Businesses?

With Twitter going public just a few weeks ago, there has been a lot of discussion among people whether Twitter truly boosts small business sales. Many people argue that they have spent $500-$1000 on Twitter, yet they don't seem to attract the users into their website. Others have also said that while that have received some followers on their Twitter accounts, it was very hard to tract whether those people actually made purchases.
On the contrary others have stated that it has been a great tool and has allowed them to create awareness of their products. They have even been able to target costumers who use a company's competitors, and brought them to their site.
Experts say that Twitter is relatively young at helping small businesses. Some claim that Facebook is much more effective for small business owners compared to Twitter because of its standardized ad formation and its larger pool of people. Twitter experts are aware of the newness of the advertisements for small businesses and claim that they are working on creating a more quantifiable way of seeing  the effects of Twitter for a business. They also mention that it takes more time than a few weeks in order to achieve the most out of Twitter for a small business.
I personally find that it is hard for a new company to use Twitter and gain sales directly using this site. I find that the structure of Twitter is more to create awareness with the use of followers. Companies might expect customers to go directly into their sites upon an ad exposure but the reality is that with so much ad clutter, Twitter users will want to remain on their twitter account. One can then see that Twitter is more effective to build brand awareness and not so effective on direct purchases for a company.

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