Thursday, December 12, 2013

For Rent in Europe: Trendy Jeans

For Rent in Europe: Trendy Jeans, Washing Machines

Rental, Secondhand Deals Shows How Companies Are Trying to Court Strapped Consumers


The concept of renting, leasing, borrowing, and bartering have been around for many decades.  The rise of prosperity among nations’ has led to man’s endless hunt for acquiring more and the “next best thing.” Much of the Western culture seems to make little use of what they own and have tremendous pride in simply owning it.  For instance, the utility of a high quality, expensive designer sweater and the experience associated with wearing it may be of less value than being able to show or tell another that you have one.  Some frown at the idea of borrowing something only to later return or used a pre-owned item, merely for the sake of image. Whereas, others marvel at the concept of having the option of trying something out for a while and later deciding whether to keep, return, or exchange for something new.  The later opposes the notion of wasteful consumerism, in which (wasteful consumerism) occurs way too often in Western culture.  European consumers have taken a more conservative approach on spending.  They’ve openly adapted renting consumer goods.  It’s a win-win situation for Europeans as they are among the top in setting high-fashion trends. Even though they’re strapped for cash, shoppers are able to still meet fashion standards.  It presents the idea that you’re able to taste a bit of luxury without forfeiting basic needs to remain trendy.  Quality of life is key among this culture and efforts that support the experiencing this lifestyle are embraced.
 Also, leasing consumer goods now and upgrading them later is a pretty good deal for money conscious individuals.  It sustains the importance of sound living and moving forward in fashion.  For new brands or those seeking to obtain a larger audience, this may be a wise marketing strategy.  The method of sharing consumer goods may also open up a new flow of revenue for these companies. At some point, organizations abroad will jump aboard this train or at least just for a test ride!


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