Thursday, December 5, 2013

Can Ford Mustang Compete in Europ and China Markets

      Ford has just announced its latest generation of Mustang coupe 2015. The car been an American Dream and trend as well. The company called for the first time its new Mustang appeal, and becoming a calling card for the Ford brand globally.

     The new 2015 Mustang has different type of engine, suspension, and shape. So that the new concept could compete with the German sports car. The car will be available with a 2.3-liter, 4-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine that will produce more power and higher fuel efficiency than the base model V6.

     However, from the chart above Ford is competing with other competitors in US, which are Camaro and the rival Dodge Challenger. Plus, Ford sales report has shown weak sales for last year, and sales through the first 11 months of this year are down nearly 8% to 71,459 cars. Its either this intense competition between those company or people have changed their expenses and switched to economy fuel efficient that will save them a lot of Dollars.

    "Even today's more fuel-efficient, safer muscle cars are too expensive and fuel-hungry for most markets outside the U.S. In China, sporty coupes face heavy taxes levied on big engines. Wealthy buyers are more likely to be chauffeured in the back of a sedan, while younger buyers are gravitating toward sport-utility vehicles".

Jacoub Jousiph.

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