Sunday, December 1, 2013

Battle between Fake and Real Christmas Trees


As Christmas approaches, more people are filling their homes with Christmas trees. Fake Christmas trees fill retail stores and are obviously of high demand. In fact they are so cherished that I went to several stores this past week looking for a 12 foot fake Christmas tree, and was unable to find one... They were out of stock for the year... And it was November!
For the past decades, fake Christmas trees have become quite popular, and in fact have taken much of the market from the original and classic natural tree from a tree farm. Some claim a fake tree lasts more, can be purchased in different colors, and in general, it "does the job."
However this year there was quite a large national marketing campaign with the aim of bringing back people to the old tradition of buying a natural tree. The campaign's main slogan is "Buy a real tree so we can keep making oxygen for you." Advocators of the campaign state that natural trees are organic and while most of them will be cut down, wood is renewable. Furthermore they attack fake Christmas trees stating that those are made of petroleum by-products which are obviously nonrenewable resources. Besides their composition advocators state that fake Christmas trees are made mainly in China, while the natural Christmas tree industry is obviously local and supports more than 100,000 jobs.
I find that this campaign will  change for the most part those who are more environmentally friendly and want to have a renewable tree in their house. Also it is aimed at the people who might want to keep the old tradition of going as a family to the tree farm and buying a tree. On the other hand I find that while this campaign is particularly eco-friendly, it is ironic in that you are actually cutting down a tree and not planting it elsewhere. I find that instead of just advocating the sale of cut Christmas trees, they should incentivize the idea mentioned in the article of a Christmas tree that comes in a pot and can survive past Christmas


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