Friday, November 22, 2013

Toyota Concept Vehicles Offer More Exciting Green Vision

Toyota’s creativeness in their vehicle brands like Lexus is a marvel. The model is praised for its fuel-efficiency and low emission. According to Takahashi (2013), the awaited unveiling of a hydrogen car in 2015 is one of Toyotas innovative competition policy. The car is believed to run on hydrogen and emit water as a by-product. This is a great milestone in the marketing strategy of Toyota. This strategy keeps prospective clients two year glued and keen to see or may be acquire this car, once it is availed. It is a long-term plan of their approach to stay ahead of their competitors. Production of eco-friendly vehicles is a great formula to reach clients who are environment friendly and sensitive to global climate. This gives its client market value for their money because of the fuel efficiency these cars provide, unlike their rivals. This strategy is essential in meeting and even exceeding the customer satisfaction. The creativeness and creating value for the client’s money is aimed in retaining customer loyalty. In addition, the move is driven by opportunistic global market development in mind. On the contrary, the United States is keen to prevent the level of car imports into the country. Cheaper imports are more competitive than local automobile brands in the United States (Mitchell & Mauldin, 2013). This is a move driven to control the market share, which Japan has penetrated into their country. This control is aimed at encouraging local buyers to support their own economy.


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