Friday, November 15, 2013

Sony launchs its PS4 Console

        Just today Sony has launched its latest technology legendary Gaming console PS4, it was solid demand on the PS4 plus video game fans were all over retailers lined up after announcing the date of selling console. However, some of the fans were not happy after all. Therefore, lining up for long hours and they end up having nothing in their hands, triggering anger in social media such as Twitter.

         Amazon and Best Buy, announced that the initial supplies is sold out. Whether there are shortage on PS4, the company doesn't want to be tricked by its early signs of demand sales. Therefore, "The abundant supply of parts and ease of manufacturing makes it harder to judge the device's success based on how readily available it is, analysts say". Sony expectations to sell 5 millions of consoles by March 2014. Plus, Sony precautions that if they soaked the market with many consoles they will end up on shelves rather than selling it.

          Moreover, for-instance,  Nintendo Co. "Wii U video game console sold briskly immediately following its launch last year. Soon after, however, demand fell off and units became readily available on store shelves. Eventually, Nintendo admitted the device's sales were disappointing". And, here where Sony does not want to fell.

            For the records, Sony still have got time to sell and increase their Market share Black Friday is on the way plus X-mas. They still can market with more interesting bundle for consumers. Although, they should have their sales report ready soon for future aspects.


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