Friday, November 8, 2013

Samsung Opens Itself to Investors With First 'Analyst Day' in Eight Years

Samsung the largest phone company will give a public viewing on Wednesday and a chance for visitors to raise questions and proposals for the new 50 billion dollar profit company, for which areas to invest. The presentations given will use TV’s, mobile devices, and semiconductors, giving a good chance for the company to market their goods. Samsung calls this event “analyst day”, and is perceived by Samsung as a way to engage with shareholders. Many investors are hoping to see whether the South Korean company (Samsung) is planning to make itself more cooperative with American investors by opening an American depository receipt. This will globalize the company and expand its investors and greater opportunities of expanding towards the west. Also another aspect for investors is Samsungs fluctuating stock market. It has recently slowed and decreased 12% over the last year, in which some analysts perceive to be because of the slowing sales of Samsung galaxy s4. Technology analyst Mark Newman, suggests that there is a slowing in growth and an accumulation of cash. In order for the company to be able to keep itself rising at a steady rate it is important for the company to globalize by becoming more intact with the US market. Of the many ways in doing so one is by making their company easier for investors to evaluate, like breaking out smart phone sales. This will help for investors to benchmark the company against other competitors, and since the company is a leading company it will only push for more investors and increase stocks by the increased marketing. This analyst day has already created a good vibe for the company as stocks have already started rising after its announcement.

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  1. I think for Samsung to counterweight its decline in sales of its recent launched Samsung Galaxy Ss is to establish a global marketing benchmark to engage global investors and in particular US investors, that would allow for a favorable stock prices of its shares, which in return, would create a pool of favorable stocks that could outperform other competitors in the electronics and smartphone market.