Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Macy's Earnings: A Rebound and a Bright Holiday Outlook

The increase in sales and profit of Macy’s Inc clearly indicates a positive performance thus the soaring Share value in the stock market at the end of the third quarter. Tough operating environment  and low season in the second quarter occasioned the decline in the sales than the set target.

 Huge discounts and deals during the morning also resulted in shrinking of the profit  margins than anticipated in the  performance in the second quarter.

However, the peak or boom season  and  aggressive marketing, promotions and deals in the day resulted in the surge of the revenues and profits. The company thus was in a position to declare dividends to its member at the close of the business,  whole its growth path was exponential as its revenue growth indicated a consistent pattern  based on the result of the previous period.

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