Friday, November 22, 2013

Lower Prices on Japanese Cars Complicate Trade Talks.

Stiff competition between Japan and United States automakers has ensured that each country outwits each other to remain viable. Policies to encourage free trade and fair competition have been formulated. According to Mitchell and Mauldin (2013), Obama’s administration is keen to woo Japan business deal to come up with free trade deal to control the automobile market. Contrarily, Japan has come up with sound strategies that target sales acquisition rather than the competition between the US Dollar and Japanese Yen. It focuses more on their pricing, which is affordable and within reach for U.S market and overseas markets. Different marketers from countries that Toyota has a franchise connect through an internal platform to discuss the brands presence. This global marketing strategy has pushed Japan’s viability and competitiveness. This is because the strategy is able to identify the different needs of a client in that country. 

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