Friday, November 1, 2013

Keep an eye on smartphone market changes

BlackBerry managers met Facebook's executives in their California’s headquarter.
Both companies did not declare anything about the meeting and it is uncertain if Facebook is involved in a potential bid.

 So, why did Facebook meet the Smartphone makers?
It’s not top secret that Facebook is very dedicated on growing into the Smartphone segment; they have in mind two important things: hardware and messaging capacities.
In the last weeks, Blackberry spoke with possible purchasers.
The social network company is one of a few companies supposedly involved into a potential acquirement of BlackBerry. SAP, Lenovo, Google, Samsung and Cisco are the other companies interested to bid.

BlackBerry continues to have an unbelievable numbers of capabilities in messaging and email space. For example, last week the firm released its Messenger iPhone and Android app, bringing its popular messaging service to other mobile phones; even though it is too late for BlackBerry to persuade the mobile message market because Facebook focused on its messaging and Messenger apps the last year, adding characteristics like stickers and Chat Heads.

If Facebook will acquire BlackBerry, as first step the social network company should revive a damaged brand and released its own mobile devices dedicated to its most loyal users. Additionally BlackBerry declared that they want to focus on government and business clientele, therefore dropping consumer oriented products.

Facebook is more interested to purchase BlackBerry’s security-network technology and Smartphone component patents that market analyst estimates between $1 billion and $3 billion.

Has Facebook made a new friend? We will see it in the next future.


  1. Blackberry is attracting users because of its service privacy and protection. That what people need to in this day. On other hand, like what you did say, Blackberry too late with it service. There are seruose competitors Line, Whatsapp, and Viber.

  2. I agree with abdulrahman. I think that Facebook would be better off acquiring a different company than a broke one that is Blackberry. Just the simple name has a negative connotation in the eyes of many. Blackberry will just be a charity project for Facebook if it goes on and buys it. I think that the only way Facebook will be able to pull blackberry out of the dump would be by chaining the name and the image all together.