Friday, November 8, 2013

Introducing the 2014 Mitsubishi-Nissan-Renault-Samsung Global, Car of the Future

The article 'Introducing the 2014 Mitsubishi-Nissan-Renault-Samsung Global, Car of the Future'  that was published in Wall Street Journal on November 5, 2013, caught my attention for two reasons. First of all, because it is about car industry, which is always an interesting topic from the perspective of business and marketing. Second of all, material published there may serve an obvious proof that day by day our society is becoming more and more global.
            From the article, I have learned about a new agreement signed by world-recognized car brands. According to the author, Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi agreed to share their technology and factories in order to develop an innovative car on an electric vehicle. Reading the article attentively, we may notice that the author says that this agreement can be considered differently. From one hand, it can be a real effort to create an innovative car. From the other hand, such alliance  is a try to compete with such powerful car brands as Toyota or Volkswagen. To my opinion, the second version is even more likely to be true. In the end of the article, the author once again points our that a new partnership should be considered an attempt to compete with car industry giants. I found this article interesting and worth our attention because it demonstrates us an interesting strategy for international business. Taking in account that car industry is one of the most competing ones, in order to survive, car producers need to use all possible tools to resist dominance of industry giants. So, this article not only informs us about a newly signed contract between famous car producers, but also serves us a lesson of how to act in highly competitive environment.

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