Friday, November 8, 2013

Hope Springs at Nokia

Nokia thinks to launch six new products in Abu Dhabi next days. Phablet devices is portfolio includes Nokia's first tablet computer for these products. Choosing Abu Dhabi to introduce these products is intelligent idea since it is considered one of the best cities in the marketing.  In the same time, Apple is expected to unveil its new iPad which is big challenging for Nokia. There are many products of cell phones these days which give competitors good competition to let every company introduce and improve their features. Microsoft acquired Nokia's storied handset division for $7 billion a month ago which enhances Nokia’s success. Nokia and Microsoft need a change of fortune. Their arm's-length partnership has had muted success. Nokia, by far the world's largest seller of Windows phones, holds only a fraction of the global market for smart devices, falling far behind Apple and South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co., which both outspend Nokia on marketing and use operating systems that offer more popular apps. Samsung, Apple and other device makers have models that encourage those companies to sell more mobile phones while Nokia success to deal with Microsoft. Nokia tries to get its good position after it lost it between the competitors such Apple and Samsung. Even thought the current deal with Nokia, Microsoft is not confident to get the success of this dealing because Microsoft executives and its board have balked at pouring huge sums into Windows Phone marketing efforts because companies like Nokia. The positive turn for Nokia's smartphone sales comes as personal-computer sales fell 8% from a year earlier in the third quarter, according to market-research firms.  Nokia's long history of device making and reputation for once leading the industry in the innovation category could serve Microsoft's needs.


  1. Nokia is taking a good step when they choose Abu Dhabi to introduce these products is intelligent idea since it is considered one of the best cities in the marketing. Nowadays, UAE is becoming one of the most important countries in the world who is great in the marketing industry.

  2. I think for Nokia to accelerate its edge in the innovative mobile and personal computers market, it must seize its strong partnership with Microsoft to not only market Microsoft Windows Computer,s but also to market smartphones using the Android OS and or Windows with its own incorporated design and calibration of popular apps to help offset its 8% decline in personal computers' sales.