Friday, November 1, 2013

Electronic Markets!

        Nowadays everything with-in our hands somehow needs (smart-device). But, what kind of smart device, and how I will finish certain tasks. Depends on our demands and features that we are looking up forward in the (Smart-Device). You browse the internet, do some payments, etc.

       However, the recent quarterly reports showed from Sony's and other companies were not good enough. Can Sony stay in the Game as it used to, setting in throne. Sony reported and celebrated the second quarter as a signs of recovery, but recovery mode would not last for longer. Sony has layoffs 10 thousands employees specially after turning over from losses to profitable earning in TV Business.

     Moreover, its not Sony by itself has reported quarter loses Apple, and windows as well. Windows for example is facing very challenging points in their game consult (Xbox). Although, Sony is depending on two lines in its production regrading the article which are the cell pone Sony (Xperia, and the PS4). I assume Sony should take another prospect and take different approach "He said that Sony should consider moving away from consumer electronics to focus more on industrial products for corporate customers, like its Japanese peer Panasonic Corp".

     Here is a chart shows you the expectations was in July and what is the current profit, which totally disappointment:

          In conclusion, Sony is one of the largest electronic Companies. It sould come up with different lines and reconsider their electronic devices price. Last time I went to Sony center in the Galleria I found an electronic lens that detached to any Smart phone device, but the price of that lens were $250 plus taxes you will end up paying with in $300 and above. even though, you can find classic lens with higher prices yes, but that different type of the subject cause I am focusing in electronic devices.


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