Sunday, November 3, 2013

China Production Surges for Japanese Auto Makers

Toyota said its production in China surged 54.5% in the month to 72,985 vehicles. Nissan built 114,942 vehicles, up 48.2%. Honda increased output 40.3% to 71,199 vehicles.

To spark consumer demand in the world's second-largest economy, new marketing has been introduced to ease consumer concerns about owning Japanese cars. New and affordable models have also been rolled out.
Japanese car makers' 15.2% combined market share in the first eight months of this year still fell short of the 18.5% share in the same period a year earlier. The falloff benefits U.S., European and Korean rivals in their drive to get bigger slices of the market.
Toyota, Nissan and Honda cut production in September 2012 by between 20% and 40% as the consumer backlash prompted them to temporarily close local factories.

After political tensions flared, January was the first month that all car makers made more cars than in the same month in 2012, due merely to the greater number of operating days in the month.

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  1. I don't know how much I agree with this article. From my research I have read that China wants more and is welcoming more foreign-Western and European- cars than that of Japanese cars. It could be that since the auto industry is a growing market, which consumers change their point of view constantly and therefore it is understandable for Japanese carmakers to be in demand in China. I honestly think that China has such a large auto industry that any carmaker with the correct product will be profitable.