Saturday, October 26, 2013

Time for Samsung to Download More Cash

Time for Samsung to Download More Cash

Samsung, the world largest smart phone manufacturer, is meeting some problems currently. It was another record-breaking profit quarter at Samsung Electronics

Since smart phone market is really sensitive, little changes will lead to some serious consequences as Nokia and Blackberry did. Problems always occur when the business is at the top.

Analyses believe the reason why Samsung has no profit gain in stock price is that they pay fewer dividends for stockholders. On the contrary, Apple’s dividend paid gain lead to a 30% of stock price increase.

On the other hand, besides financing aspect, Samsung behaves a little bit silence recently in operation. The latest product, Smart Watch, does not obtain good sales. The target market for smart watch is American. However, I think Samsung should extend the market to world scale, because the product is pretty new in the world. Taking as much as market share before competitor begin to sell same product will increase investor’s the evaluation for Samsung.

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