Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Nano: They Want a Cheap Car but not THIS Cheap!

The Tata Nano, haling from Mumbai, is the world's cheapest car.  And it's flopped.  Apparently, the emerging middle class in India wants a cheap car but not THIS cheap!  The Nano is priced at around $2,000 and is bare bones.  The base model that came out in 2009 had no glove box, thinly padded seats, no air conditioner or sound system and only one windshield wiper.  The sound of the Nano engine has been described as sounding like an "auto rickshaw."  Not a ringing endorsement.  Most Indian consumers in the market for a car are willing to pay more for a Hyundai, a Ford Figo or a Chevrolet Spark.  Improvements have been made to the Nano to try to attract buyers including dual glove boxes, four speakers, and passenger and driver side mirrors.  This has caused the price to increase to about $2,400.  The upgrades are to attract buyers 35 and under.  Tata sold about 10,000 Nanos a month at their peak but is currently down to only 2,500 a month.  Oh, I failed to mention another reason for the poor sales.  These jelly bean shaped vehicles can spontaneously burst into flames. The future is not so bright for Tata Motors and the Nano.

The companys slogan is "Celebrate Awesomeness" and young, good
looking Indian celebrities are featured in Nano advertisements

Link to Article: Why the Worlds Cheapest Car Flopped

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