Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sprint Shakes Up Sales

Every organization has its share of challenges. This calls for survival strategies needed to help a firm overcome its difficulties. According to “Sprint Shakes Up Sales, Marketing Team” authored by Ante and Knutson, the organization opted to reshuffle its employees in order to solve the customer loss related issues. When a company loses subscribers, it makes the firm vulnerable and with unreliable returns. In most cases, reshuffling of employees may not be the best option of attracting consumers. Some customers prefer certain employees compared to others. Removing these workers from their current department may cause immense damage. For instance, the chief sales officer of Sprint, Paget Alves, left the company at its most vulnerable time. This would affect the firm because the sales officer played an enormous role in tapping new targets before the company’s system update schedule.  
Sprints reshuffling team carried out the changes while the company’s network underwent updating. The company’s intention was to employ workers who were conversant with the new technology for effective results. This crucial step would determine the future of the organization. The company’s analysts believed that this change would not benefit the firms as per the expectation of the management team. However, the idea of splitting one position into three departments would create a positive change in the organization. This would reduce workload that was initially handled by one person.

Considering this analysis, one can conclude that changing employees for the benefit of attracting more consumers is a vital strategy. However, a company should determine the best time to implement such changes. It is also necessary to train the employees rather than hiring others as a way of reducing expenses. 

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