Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Samsung Plays Catch-Up on Software

Samsung Electronics Company was among the first mobile company to hit the world market through the manufacture of smart phones. As part of its long-term strategy of self-reliance in order to overcome competition from other mobile companies such as Microsoft Corp and Apple, it has an objective to produce 90% of its softwares via research and development as opposed to earlier methods of acquisition. It is striving to develop its own software to reduce its dependence on Google’s Android operating system. Several attempts to develop its mobile software by the company have resulted to losses. Bada, a mobile operating system was rejected in the market as it had applications that consumers disliked. Samsung has also placed more focus on upgrading software for mobile as it has placed concentration of software startups for games and mapping services. Comparing Samsung and other mobile companies, it has performed poorly in terms of software development achievements. 

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