Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nokia Maps Strategy for Mapping Business

Nokia Maps Strategy for Mapping Business

As we know, Nokia is working on strategic plans to focus its future business around its telecoms
equipment and networks division, raising questions about the future of a mapping business it bought for €7.7bn only six years ago. Plus, the company is looking to get its Here digital map service into more cellphones, more cars and more big companies that use the service to track products and people, Michael Halbherr, Nokia's executive vice president for location and commerce for Here business, said in an interview.

For my opinion, it is unfortunate that Nokia had to sell its mobile phone business to Microsoft as it was one of the model phone companies a decade back. However strategizing its focus on the network business may give a better comparative advantage after being played out mobile phone field by Apple and Samsung. This may help reignite the spark for Nokia, but it is following the steps of the other phone companies. One such example is Sony completely buying over Ericsson’s phone making business and making it their own, the “Xperia”. This does not spell the end of its mobile phone days, as newer version of the “Lumia” phones are still in the pipeline. I am rooting for Nokia to have a potential comeback; it has come so far being the pioneer of 2G-3G phones. But alas, only the fittest shall survive in such a breakneck market.

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