Saturday, October 5, 2013

Google, EU Move Toward Settlement Over Search

Google, EU Move Toward Settlement Over Search

As one of the largest IT companies, Google recently faced a series of problems in regard to antitrust. Google’s rivals from EU believe that Google abuse its dominance in internet search to promote its own services.

The EU is looking at four main issues including that users were not aware that Google was promoting its own service. They also complain that Google scrapes content from other websites, restrict publishers from running ads on their sites for other search engines, and restrict advertisers on Google's site from using competing search-advertising platforms.

We can easily find out that the above four issues are not just happened in EU. They happen everywhere. However, EU considers them as big problems to the development of native rivals.

French’s national news publisher, AFP, even said that they did not want to be searched by Google, and why Google had the authority to find AFP. What a ridicules excuse, with which makes me associate Google exited China several years ago. At that time Chinese also used some absurd reasons to fine Google that forced Google get out of Chinese market.

No matter in China or in EU, what happened to Google is definitely the local protectionism. Chinese government drove away Google to protect Baidu, whereas EU protected their native companies.

As such a great company, Google has to solve the problem caused by protectionism or even play the game in unbalance markets. That is a important part of international marketing. 

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