Friday, October 4, 2013

Etihad, Cameroon Air Keen to Buy Air India Jets

Santanu Choudhury, in his article “Etihad, Cameroon Air Keen to Buy Air India Jets”, writes that Etihad Airways and Cameroon Airlines Corp. are the two companies that are interested in buying five 777-200 long-range passenger jets from India. When fuel prices rose and the Indian passengers refused to travel by air, India was forced to plan long-distance flights, thus, planning to take part in international marketing. India is selling five air jets, and has set deadlines for the interesting parties to contact and buy the planes. Etihad and Camerron Airlines are two such companies that have even done the inspection of Indian planes. The airline management will take the final decision. Parties are so much interested in buying these jet planes that they want the deadline to be moved a bit earlier in December. Although the price of these planes is not confirmed yet, there is a report that a brand new 777-200 jet plane costs $296 million. Spokesmen and executives at Etihad and Cameroon Airlines have declined to comment on the Indian offer and their interest in Indian jets. Air India has eight such long-range jets, of which five are for sale. These jets are spacious, can board a lot of passengers, and can travel over a huge distance range. The main reason behind the sale of these jets is Air India’s long lost profits. Air India wants to replace these jets with Boeing’s Dreamliners because these are more fuel efficient. 

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