Friday, October 18, 2013

Either to Shutdown or Not!

          Now after resolving the aftermath for almost tow weeks the U.S Officials finally decided to stop shutdown and go on as it is used to. Congrats for having your decisions right or at least to have one. 

             However, even-though American people got tired of what is happening behind the scene. Not only American citizen but also globally. U.S is one dominant country that has it is effect and impact on the world, since it is the largest economic country in the world. I am happy that they have an answer for a long after long turmoil made some suspicious whether it is national or international. On other words, I hope they don not repeats their mistakes Cause it is really have its deep impact on other Businesses and it will somehow lose confidence.

           This articles shows how Democrats and republican usually they don not get a long with each other, which more conflicts. This game is not between those groups so they should make up for what ever decisions in the future they will make and be more consciousness.



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