Friday, October 11, 2013

China's Passenger-Car Sales Rise 21% in September

China's Passenger-Car Sales Rise 21% in September

In September, China’s passenger-car market got a boost on sales:

General Motors rises 14% from a year over year
Fort rises 61%
Audi rises 28%
Nissan rises 83%
Toyota rises 63%
Honda rises more than 100%

The reason why Japanese auto companies get such a big rise in sale is a policy reason. Last year, same time, there was a conflict between China and Japan regarding as Diaoyu islands. Chinese people behaved fiercely at that time. They even broke Japanese products that owned by Chinese people, which sounds ridiculers. However, it does reduce all the Japanese products’ sales in China, especially passenger-car. One year later, the hatred is getting down. It is a really good time for Japanese companies to expand their business. As international marketers, they should know the changes of policies.

The other reason the Chinese market is getting better is the season. In china, October first is the national day, when most people get 7 days long vacation. So Chinese people would love to buy new cars before the long vacation so as they can drive it on this period. Japanese companies have prepared some promotion plans for the anticipated sales rise. 

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