Friday, October 4, 2013

AT&T's Stephenson Says Open to European Acquisitions

         As we know, AT&T is on of the best companies in U. S. According to the article AT&T interested in possible acquisition in Europe.  It is good step to make their business international.  AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson said "If there were opportunities that presented a good value, of course we would do it," AT&T sees that the investing in networks in European market is good opportunity to increase its revenues. On another hand, heavy competition, declining revenue and the regulatory environment pose risks in European market.  One of the big challenging that faces AT&T is the small period for licenses in Europe unlike the U.S. which have an indefinite life. While AT&T is excited to expand in Europe as the C.E.O. said at the investors conference, The C.E.O. for Verizon sees that keeping its focus at home is better than the expansion in global marketing. The C.E.O. for Verizon sees that the growth prospects for us in the US so outweighed the prospects for Europe for next five years. It would be better for any company if it expands in another location and culture when it sees that will affect on its revenues positively. 

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