Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Apple's Dual iPhone Strategy in Doubt

Apple is a mobile company owned by Apple Inc. It provides mobile services to consumers in the world. It had hoped to attract more users in the market when it came with a low-priced mechanism to sell phones. Demand for the new product, iPhone 5C, was low. Many consumers bought the earlier version of the phone. High prices of the phone have attracted low sales volume. This has been a setback for the mobile company. Other mobile competitors such as Samsung and Motorola have taken advantage of this situation by selling their mobile appliances at reduced prices in the international market. Consumers preferred 5C version of the phone because it had attractive features such as finger print sensor. The number of orders made by large companies significantly reduced. This led to reduced profit realization for the mobile company. A high price of the mobile product makes it hard for the company to penetrate the mobile market in China as also its lower model of iphone 5s is much cheaper and almost similar features to the 5 s model.

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