Thursday, October 24, 2013

Airbus Aims to Double Market Share in Japan

Tokyo airbus Chief Executive, Fabrice Bregier is in a mission to increase the ownership of the Japanese market from the currently 13% to 25% by 2020, and by the next quarter of a century up to 50% of the market. His strategy in doing so is by growing the companies market share by strengthening the shares of A350 jets to low-cost carriers. JAL has ordered 31 A350 jets from the European Aeronautic Defence & Space in which many see this as possibly the “beginning of the end” of Boeing CO. dominance in Japan. Analysis’s say this will increase pressure on Boeing in part that 80% of JAL’S force is made from Boeing. Airbus making for the other 7% of the force of Japan’s other large carrier. If Mr. Bregier’s statistics for expansion work, he will be efficiently gaining larger claim of the Japanese market. This will give Tokyo Airbus a better advantage to provide bigger sales of Airbus planes in Japan in the future, possibly also leading to a better global marketing advantage also.

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