Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vodafone Snatches German Cable Operator

Vodafone Group has offered shareholders of a well-established German internet and cable company Kabel Deutschland, on a deal that more than 75% of the shareholders have agreed to take the offer.  For Vodafone this is a steal, because there interest in Kabel’s “fixed-line network” will help there company to expand into Europe’s largest economy. With Kabel under their ownership, Vodafone will be able to offer high-speed broadband Internet services, without having to pay fees to Deutsche Telekom for use of its network. The struggle that Vodafone faces is to convince the 75% shareholders who haven’t yet fully accepted the offer by selling out, allowing them to take full control. ‘The company has offered 84.50 Euros per Kabel Deutschland share valuing the company at 7.7 billion Euros”. Earlier that week an investor Paul Singer and his U.S. safeguards Elliot Capital Advisors have purchased more than 10% of Kabel shareholders. Knowing that this deal would occur, he would take advantage by demanding a higher price for his shares. Elliot has claimed that he had no communication with Vodafone’s advisors regarding the acceptance level of 75% that was needed in order for the offer to go through. By next Friday the deal is to gain approval by European Commission who are expected to complete the first phase of its review by this time frame. However, the acquisition of Kabel is said to have a negative feedback on further deals in European marketing strategies as stated by a based operator. Kabel has expanded by selling 45% to Verizon Wireless for 130 billion dollars. This gives Kabel “a British” company more competence in carrying out the “European strategy” as they plan on investing in the Italian and Spanish markets. Though analysts state that the Verizon deal with the U.S. itself is a triumph. 

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